Daily Stand-up Meeting

Daily Stand-up Meeting

As name has suggested, daily stand-up meetings is a daily status meeting among all the team members of agile. Meeting is not only focus on status update it also brings the problems of team members into focus so that it can be quickly addressed.

So what is Daily Stand-up?

  • It happens among agile team members where everyone has update their task status. It roughly held for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Every Team members has to answer three questions.
    • What I did yesterday.
    • What I will do Today.
    • Any Problem I am facing or I am blocked due to.
  • Daily stand-up is only for status update not for discussion. For any discussion team need to schedule another meeting.
  • Members need to be attentive and stand instead of sitting so that meeting can quickly over.

Attendee of Stand-up-meeting:-

  • Scrum Master, Product owner and delivery team member are the active participants of the stand-up meeting.
  • Stakeholders and customers are also encourage to be a part of meeting but they can only observe the activity not supposed to participate.

Note – If any Scrum team members are sitting on different location they can connect through conference call.