Scrum–Product Backlog

Scrum–Product Backlog

Product backlog is basically a priorities feature list that needs to be done. In agile environment all task list broken down in to user stories or epic. The product owner is responsible for product backlog, including its content. Product Owner is the one who prioritize it based on the customer’s feedback or business value.

A typically product backlog consist following types of item –

  1. Features
  2. Bugs
  3. Technical work

Some people might asked why bugs? Because there’s really no difference between a bug and a new feature — each describes something different that a user wants. Bugs are also put on the Scrum product backlog.

Importance of Product Backlog –

  • Through product backlog estimation of features will be easy.
  • Product backlog help to priorities the work item that need to be develop first. Team ranks the feature item
  • It helps in planning and roadmap of the product.

Characteristic of Product Backlog –

  • Product backlog consist all wish list and product requirement of product.
  • Product owner need to make sure each product backlog consist detail user stories.
  • The product backlog acts as an input to the sprint backlog when comes to functionality.
  • There are also bugs/issues, epic, user stories and themes are included in the product backlog

Following are example of Product backlog. Every backlog contain detail requirement. As you can see if user will click on id, user story or detail requirement will open.