BRS: Business Requirement Specification –

It is a high level document which include all requirement demanded by client. Basically it includes all requirements which should be the part of proposed system.

BRS says, proposed system supposed to include this requirement as functionality.

Business Analyst prepare this document.

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SRS: System Requirement Specification –

SRS describes the entire system flow, overall functionality of the system, how the data will flow within the system. It describes each module functionality.

SRS also include use cases that explain user interaction with the system or software. It also describes non- functional requirements like security, availability etc.

This document is developed by System Analyst but in small organisation BA also prepare SRS.

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FRS – Functional Requirement Specification –

There is a very minor difference between FRS and BRS. FRS converted into functionality and says that how this requirement is going to work as a part of proposed system. FRS also explains sequence of operations to be followed on every single process.

This document is developed by developers and solution architect.

Now I am going to summaries it in tabular form




BRS stands for Business requirement specification. SRS stand for software requirement specification. FRS stand for functional requirement specification.
BRS does not include use case generally. SRS include use case to describe user interaction with system. In this use case are not included.
In BRS , we define what exactly customer wants. In SRS we describe all the business functionality of the application. In FRS, we describe the particular functionalities of   every single page in detail from start to end.
BRS explain story of whole requirements. SRS explain all functional and non- functional requirement. FRS explains the sequence of operation process on each and every stage.
SRS is a complete document which describe complete system behavior. It describe the all functionality of the system which would be efficient for end user. IT describe the business requirements in detail level.