SDLC Model – Agile

Agile Methodology –

These days Agile is a very popular SDLC model. Agile methodology is a practice that supports continuous iteration of development. It’s a combination of iterative and incremental approach which focuses on process adaptability and customer satisfaction.

In agile, whole project breaks in to the small incremental builds. Every iteration typically takes 1 to 3 weak times. After every development iteration, the customer is able to see the result and understand if he is satisfied with it or he is not. Scrum approach is one of the popular approaches used in agile model.

Advantages of Agile –

  • Less Documentation.
  • Change adaptability, even at the last stage of build.
  • Batter customer engagement.
  • Fast development process
  • Agile promote team work and cross training.
  • Concurrent development and delivery within define time frame work gives agile an extra edge.
  • Agile project is easy to manage.

Disadvantages of Agile –

  • Not much compatible for large and complex project
  • Customer heavily interaction required, so if customer is not clear about their product they can mislead the agile team.
  • Transfer of technology to new team members may be quite challenging due to lack of documentation.
  • Each individual in agile team should be self-motivated and self-driven. If these things missing in team member, it can cause problem for project.