Software documentation is a set of instructions and information about software.It is also termed as source code documentation. It is created and shared along with the software product with the users.

Before the software launch every software development happens in different stages. At each stage, users with different profiles will access the software documentation. It is required and generated at each of these phases.

Documentation facilitates each of these users to understand the system batter and perform their part of the task related to software development in an improved style.

So, The software can be mapped with each development phase. i.e. at each phase there are deliverable and the users at each phase are different. Document needs to be created at each phase of these users.

We can broadly summaries the documents generated at each phase of SDLC as follows.

Requirement Engineering BRS
  Vision Document
Analysis Phase Test Plan
  Use case diagrams
  Use case specification
  Data dictionary
  Project Plan
  Quality Plan
  Traceability Matrix
Designing Designing Document
  Architecture Plan
Coding Code Review
  Unit Test Plan
  Test Case specification
  Test Case result